Thursday, June 6, 2013

Starting over

My journey starts today, I'm transitioning from male to female now. No more procrastinating, caring what people think, drowning myself in sorrows. Time is always moving at a steady pace and I don't want to get left behind. All my life I've been unhappy with who I was and and mad at the person I wanted to be. I'm excepting the things I cannot change and just going with the flow of  life. I'm happy i'm becoming the person I always felt I was. As I looked in the mirror as Devon my eyes were so dead and lost with confusion and now when I look in the mirror my eyes have so much and meaning. I look at myself and say "wow, you really did it, you said what you wanted to do and fucking did it!" It's only the best to come, I know there will be struggle but that's what makes it sweeter.  The struggle and all the hard work makes you want it more, it builds your drive to want to be a better you; it's humbling. I'm on a journey of finding myself, letting go of the past, and saying hello to my future, because that is what awaits not the past. I'm happy with myself and content, I also know it has just begun as Zoe.

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