Sunday, June 2, 2013

Is it worth it?

The question I ask myself frequently is it worth it. All this pain and suffering I have to endure to be recognized as a monster, a freak, an abomination? Is it really worth it? Is it worth it judging someone who lives a different lifestyle than you? Is it worth it smiling in ones face a and laughing at his shadow? Is it worth it to aspire to be greater? Is it worth it to dream a dream that will unlikely happen? I think it is, this little bit of hope feeds a nation, The desire to want better, to have a sense of stability with your self. To have a still moment, even if it's just a second to have a clear thought. It's worth it to live out your dream because it inspires another, and as their inspiration becomes reality it then spreads. So it's worth it we all are wishing on a dream to come true it's up to how real the dream will become.

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