Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Almost 12 am

Today is seriously one of the most saddest days ever for me, but it's my fault. All my friends are graduating except for me. Even though i'll be graduating next year it's still sad and upsetting to see them go and graduate together while I stay back and have one extra year. I feel as if their living in 2013 and i'm living in the 70's. I'm happy for them, I wont complain anymore I just gotta just keep it moving and move the fuck on AAGGHHHH!!!!!!!! I wanna cry but I cant let it out, I should of just stayed on top of my shit and got through high school like normal kids but I wanted to be a rebel and ditch school so here I am. I'll be done and graduating class of 2014, my brother also graduated a year later like me I swear it's a curse. I just hate school,but that's no excuse. I am still here living, breathing, and drinking soy caramel  frappuccinos so the worlds not over, just make the best of your situation and don't make the same mistake. Oh and by the way it's almost 12am and i'm doing homework, listening to depressing music, and venting to who ever is listening......well reading. So I guess know one lmao.

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