Monday, May 27, 2013


In September a part of my life begins, seeing my face illuminate in the reflection of his ray bans excites me for that day, within that little moment I feel safer, stronger, happier, and free. I am no longer the oldest I can feel as if i'm a child again for a few weeks then it's gone. It's two gifts in one my brother being home and me being able to hold on to my youth for yet another month. I can feel again, within this month I kid you not I feel perfect, everything is how it's supposed to be no questions asked. It's just something about family that gets you going, it's a god giving gift. To feel whole, when there gone to miss them dearly, to reminiscence about old times as it draws a smile to your face, to wish upon something to be together, long nights of prayer for their health, safety and return, knowing in your heart you wish nothing but greatness in their future, embracing their flaws loving them for who they are and who they want to become in my case. It changes ones perception because they come to understand how that loved one feels so they have a different perspective of all their "kind". It's a beautiful thing to see love, the love of god it's just amazing. Can't wait ti'll September to fuck up some shit with my brother and his girlfriend ;)!

PS: He's an army man.

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  1. Ppl cant even handle us three together! LOL! cant wait!